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The untamed chinese drama online

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Best School Titles. Edit this Page Edit Information. The Untamed Episode 1 9. The whole world began to celebrate the news of the Yiling Patriarch's death. Wei Wuxian, the Yiling Patriarch was a name that was feared and hated by everyone. He was a traitor, a… read more. The Untamed Episode 2 9.

Although Wei Wuxian has managed to escape before getting seen by Lan Wangji, it seems that he still couldn't escape from the past. Bumping into his baby nephew who has already grown… read more.

The Untamed Episode 3 9.

The Untamed

The time went back to 20 years ago, 4 years prior to Wei Wuxian's death where we meet his easygoing and goofy teenager self, his tsundere brother Jiang Cheng and his kind sister Jiang… read more. The Untamed Episode 4 9. The Cloud Recesses begins the offering ceremony in which all the clans are required to introduce themselves to teacher Lan Qi Ren with gifts.Even though they are polar opposites, the two are suddenly tied together after discovering a plot by the land dominated Wen clan to acquire all the pieces of the Yin Iron.

However, during a battle against Wei WuXian, now known as the infamous Yiling Patriarch, he is presumed dead after falling off a cliff due to Jiang Cheng, who was like a brother to him.

Sixteen years later, Wei WuXian suddenly wakes up after a crazy cultivator called Mo XuanYu performs a ritual sacrificing his body in exchange for bringing back Wei WuXian to fulfill his revenge plan. However, he is soon reunited with Lan WangJi and the pair then works together to solve a series of mysteries and expose the secret figure pulling the strings behind the evildoings now wreaking havoc in the land. Edit Translation. A once in a blue moon treasure that is enchanting, magical and extremely addictive.

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The Untamed (2019)

Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 9. Fatal Journey Chinese spinoff. The Untamed Special Edition Chinese compilation. Add Cast. Zoey Meng Wen Qing. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user Jul 18, 50 of 50 episodes seen. Completed Overall Story Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Other reviews by this user 0. Oct 12, 50 of 50 episodes seen. Completed 0. View all. Add Recommendations. New Topic. Score: 9. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list.

Best Mystery Titles.Love the 2 cast they are good. I like it the bl way. It's kinda interesting and so romantic in it's own unique ways. This xianxia seems quite unique, imo. I absolutely love the story arc and its complications. The cast is amazing together, esp the two male leads.

It's perfection - with the exception of the so-called female lead. She adds nothing to the story. But oh well, you can't have everything. This is a nice drama. I like all actors and actress. It gives me not only pleasure but also sorrow. I could not help but watch. Now, I watch this drama when I free. I just finished this and though there were some changes I can still say that I like it.

Not bad at all. I like how they depicted the emotions which in some scenes made me cry. The characters feelings and emotions were also shown as well as their progress with the story. The actors were good. Didn't think I would enjoy it but it was definitely a great drama. The camaraderie between the three actors were heartfelt.

A binge and rewatch worthy drama.Banyak genre Drama yang bisa Anda tonton dan nikmati untuk menghibur diri. Dari banyaknya Drama yang diproduksi tersebut, Anda tentu memilih Drama bermutu agar tidak mengalami kekecewaan setelah menontonnya.

Memberi penilaian berkualitas atau tidak sebuah DramaAnda pasti melihatnya dari berbagai sudut pandang. Anda bisa menilai hanya dari sisi judul atau tema yang disajikan, bisa pula dari sinematografinya. Alur cerita, latar, penokohan, hingga penyutradaraan juga dapat membantu Anda memberi penilaian sekaligus mengkritik Drama yang sudah Anda tonton.

Berbicara tentang drama yang berkualitas, Anda bisa merujuk pada The Untamed Alur cerita yang diusung drama ini sangat menarik. Anda akan dibuat kagum dengan peristiwa demi peristiwa yang dibangun dalam sebuah alur yang tidak biasa. Jaminan kualitas sebuah drama ini juga bisa Anda lihat dari negaranya.

The Untamed berasal dari Chinayang merupakan salah satu negara penghasil drama bermutu. Jika menyebut nama negara ini pikiran Anda langsung tertuju pada seni sinema yang mengagumkan, yang mengharumkan nama dunia film di seluruh dunia. Tidak bisa dimungkiri juga, China memang jadi rajanya drama berkelas. Lebih dari itu, negara yang terkenal dengan drama bermutu ini juga mempunyai banyak bintang film terkenal, yang tentu tidak asing lagi dengan Anda.

Drama The Untamed ini juga bisa memuaskan kecintaan Anda terhadap drama bermutu karena diperankan oleh banyak bintang drama terkenal. Aspek penyutradaraan membuat kental aroma kualitas drama ini. Jika sebuah drama lahir dari kreativitasnya maka drama tersebut pasti berkelas dan layak ditonton. Chan Ka Lam, Steve Cheng sudah melahirkan banyak drama terkenal dan berkualitas, di antaranya adalah The Untamed Apakah Anda sudah menonton salah satu dari drama tersebut?

Dan untuk alur cerita dan sedikit detail drama The Untamed yang menarik bisa Anda baca dari ringkasannya di bawah ini.

Web Drama: The Untamed

Dunia pugilis dikuasai oleh klan Wen yang kuat, yang mendominasi rumah tangga Lan, Jiang, Nie dan Jin yang lebih kecil. Wei Wuxian yang riang menjadi teman cepat dengan Lan Wangji yang saleh, dan selama petualangan mereka, pasangan ini mengetahui bahwa kepala klan Wen adalah dalang jahat di balik serangkaian plot yang akan mendatangkan malapetaka di tanah. Upaya Wei Wuxian untuk melindungi anggota yang tidak bersalah dari klan Wen dari penganiayaan yang tidak adil mengarah ke bencana, dan ia pergi MIA dalam prosesnya.

Wei Wuxian muncul kembali enam belas tahun kemudian, dan bekerja bersama dengan teman baiknya Lan Wangji untuk memecahkan serangkaian misteri pembunuhan, akhirnya menemukan dan mengalahkan pelakunya yang sebenarnya.

Bagaimana menurut anda sinopsis drama di atas? Apakah Anda sudah yakin dengan kualitas drama ini? Menurut Anda, menarikkah Drama The Untamed untuk ditonton, sebagai salah satu cara mendapatkan hiburan bermutu dari dunia seni peran? Apakah drama ini bisa dijadikan referensi untuk menikmati dunia akting berkualitas, yang layak tonton dan layak dinikmati?A story that revolves around Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two men who get together to unravel the truths from the past.

The Wens have consolidated all the power to themselves leaving the four other families to suffer hardships. Among the younger generation, Wei Wu Xian Xiao Zhan who is the son of a friend of the Jiangs has a bright personality.

He forms a friendship with Lan Wang Ji of Gusu, a man who is the epitome of grace and elegance. They discover a a secret that the Lan Family has been keeping for years and continue the legacy to rid the world of evil.

The strange occurrences and murder cases inside the Mo Manor are revealed one by one to finally expose Jin Guang Yao. Jin Guang Yao dies. Lan Wang Ji takes on the responsibilities as the new excellency and Wei Wu Xian continues to live his life according to his wishes. Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios. Filming took place in April It is a loose adaptation of a boys love novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

Instead of a romance, the drama will focus on the brotherhood between the two men. Xiao Zhan is a member of the Chinese boyband X Nine. Translation from the novel, "Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him.

He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the sects—Lan WangJi, his archenemy. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on…" Source: NovelUpdates On June 27,the drama made a suprised announcement that it would premiere that day. On June 30, it announced changes in air schedule.

Starting July 1,it will air from Monday to Wednesday. Aside from the live action, the novel was also previously adapted into a popular donghua animated seriesmanhua and audio drama. Carman Lee makes a cameo in the drama.With the five major families as the background, the Stygian Iron as the fuse, it tells the story of Yiling Patriarch Wei Wuxianwho was resurrected 16 years later, and having a reunion with his intimate friend, Lan Wangji Lan Zhan.

Together they solved the mystery, killed the evil spirits, and finally won the victory, returning to the mountains and becoming the soul mates of each other. This TV series has received rave reviews since its broadcast, and it is now more popular around the world.

They also sang together the theme song, Unrestrained, and the scene was very spectacular. It is conceivable that how popular this drama is! Currently, the web series has been released on YouTube and Viki, with a total of 50 episodes. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is such a tool that you can use.

the untamed chinese drama online

With this powerful tool, you can quickly download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other popular websites. Meanwhile, it also allows downloading the entire YouTube channel and playlistwhich means you can download all 50 episodes at once, which is very time-saving!

Even more surprising is that it also supports downloading subtitles in multiple languages and original audio, so that you can watch videos without obstacles, which is very practical! Step 1. Click the download button provided in this article to download the 4K YouTube Video Downloader and install it on your computer with the appropriate prompts.

After installation, run it and enter the registration code if you have one in the required box or try the free trial first. The free trial only lets you download five videos per day and has limited download speeds. Step 2. A pop-up box will pop up where you can see all the videos in the list.

You can check the episodes you want to download, whether to download the video cover and subtitles. After confirming, click the Download button. Step 3. The software will start parsing these videos, which can parse and download five videos simultaneously.

Web Drama: The Untamed

After the analysis is successful, you can see the thumbnail and the video will start downloading. You can adjust the download speed at any time by using the button in the lower-left corner. You can click to play the downloaded drama directly. In addition to some of the features mentioned above, this software has many other highlights. The downloaded subtitles can be seamlessly merged into the video during the conversion.

the untamed chinese drama online

Furthermore, it has a built-in subscription feature that allows users to subscribe to their favorite YouTube channel, as long as the channel has a new video upload, it can be downloaded with one click.History Clear All. English English. WeTV Only. Forget You Remember Love country girl's pure and fresh love. High School Big Bang The slow-learner's counterattack.

The Eternal Love Honest couple sweet love. The Untamed Starring Xiaozhan and Wangyibo. Sweet Dreams Dilraba and Deng Lun's sweet love. Unstoppable Youth Unstoppable Youth. The King's Avatar Yang Yang fought for glory. Fairyland Lovers Bai Yu leads the wonderful love story in the fantasy world. The Untamed Exclusive Behind the Scenes.

All I want for Love is you The striker girl falls in love with a genius. Love is Deep Male doctor from the galactophore department pursues love from his cute girlfriend. Flipped Adoring to you is the beginning of lifelong romance. Love at Dragon Day, You're Dead Youth memories killing. The Life of the White Fox A thousand year-old fox meet a lively girl. Sign Love The brain hole hits the sky. The Untamed Top 10 Scenes.

Cold Case Four policewomen reveal the truth of the cold case. Addicted You don't understand, It's also love.

ENG SUB《陈情令 The Untamed》EP02——主演:肖战、王一博、孟子义

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin:The Survivor Dr. Qin speaks for the dead. To Get Her National idol debut in ancient times.

Ever Night The juvenile resist rule of heaven revenge fiercely. Missing Piece Missing Piece. Revive Understanding the Entertainment Circle.

My Emperor SS2 Love story cross years.

the untamed chinese drama online

Unexpected The advanture of an cartoonist.

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